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Gay Surrogacy Interview with Two Dads from the UK

Gay Surrogacy Interview with Two Dads from the UK

Conceptual Options recently collaborated on a project with Two Dads to bring awareness to gay surrogacy and help intended fathers with their journey towards parenthood. Two Daddies are an enthusiastic pair of fathers from England who tirelessly advocate for equality in surrogacy, while also raising 3 children (2 from surrogacy). This is their story.

Michael is the is the co-founder of their organization, TwoDads UK, which helps intended fathers achieve their dreams of parenthood via surrogacy. He also helps run a same sex parents page on Facebook, speaks at national fertility events and contributes to the charity, Surrogacy UK. He has a parenting column in Fertility Road magazine and also has contributed to the website Gays With Kids.

Wes is the father of their eldest child from a previous straight marriage and actively supports the LGTBQ community with Michael. Wes works full time for a football club in the UK.

Michael and Wes are such vocal advocates for gay parenting equality that they were invited to speak to a parliamentary group on their experience of being two dads going through the surrogacy process. Having lived through the process gives them a unique perspective, aiding lawmakers in shaping equal rights legislation.

We just want the same rights as everyone else.

Much of what Wes and Michael advocate for is simple equality. The UK has some of the most progressive social laws in the world and a culture widely accepting of gay rights, however, many of the systems and infrastructure surrounding gay surrogacy are antiquated and in need of change. For two gay fathers, the process of having a child is long and complicated – taking years to accomplish.

Those in the straight community are generally unaware of the many hurdles two same-sex fathers are subject to in order to have children. Sometimes simple hospital policy that could be changed with the stroke of a pen seems decades behind. The number of people allowed to view the birth, for example; many hospitals only allow one guest, or perhaps two which means if the surrogate mother wants her own partner present, either one or both intended parents are not allowed in. Or that even with the proper paperwork in place, the child does not legally belong to the intended parents until several weeks after birth. This can cause obvious issues when making medical decisions, and other complications. Other times the hospital wants the handing off of the baby from the birth mother to the intended parents must take place off hospital property. Although the Law Commission of England and the Scottish Law Commission called for a new surrogacy process recently, there’s to telling when the system will actually be changed.

Interview with Michael and Wes: Their same-sex parenting journey

Continued LGBTQ+ Surrogacy Equal Rights

Although LGBTQ+ equality has come a long way in recent years, there is still more work to be done. Passing legislation and changing cultural perception might be the first steps, but it can take years for public and private organizations to implement the sometimes simple steps towards equality. Same-sex parents are not asking for special treatment – they want the same ability to pursue life, liberty and happiness no different than anyone else.

Information on Same-Sex Surrogacy and Egg Donation

Conceptual Options specializes in same-sex surrogacy. Having helped build families since 1999, Conceptual Options knows how to navigate the complex system of egg donation and surrogacy in a way that allows the intended parents to focus on the upcoming gift of a child instead of legal and systematic details that are, unfortunately, part of the process. Same-sex surrogacy and egg donation come with a unique set of rules and most intended parents will need help to complete their journey. If you are a member of the LGTBQ+ community interested in creating a family, please don’t hesitate to reach out for friendly answers and support.

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